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Winamp MPC Plugin 1.0 beta

Updated: 30 Jan 2013

Winamp MPC Plugin (aka Nullsoft Musepack Decoder) is needed to play MPC, MPP or MP+ files with Winamp (2 or 5).
It supports ReplayGain, Crossfade Plugins and ignores ID3v2 tags (which are definitely not supported by MPC!)

Nullsoft Musepack Decoder supports:

- Global 'Allow 24bit', 'Use Replay Gain', etc settings in Winamp > Prefs > Playback
- ReplayGain Analyzer (saved to APEv2 tags)
- Media Library metadata importing

Changes in Winamp MPC Plugin 1.0 beta:

- Repackaged with required nscrt.dll so it'll work on clean installs of 5.571+
- Cleaned up Prefs dialog
- No other code changes whatsoever (ie. no SV8 support, transcoding still broken).

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter: enables playback of MPC (MusePack) encoded files in RadLight, Winamp, Windows Media Player or other DirectShow based player.


Winamp MPC Plugin 0.99g
on 31 January 2013, reviewed by: Pete

Worked for me perfect on Winamp 5.581 x86, Win7 x64, AMD X2, 8Gb RAM, Geforce 8600 GT 1Gb. Just ...


Winamp MPC Plugin 0.99g
on 14 November 2011, reviewed by: lex

Does not work wih *.MPC extension, crashes Winamp. Just like ye olde plugin, have to rename to *.MP+ extensions to ...

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