Updated: 22 Sep 2010

VSO Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration.
Using this freeware, you can check the listed cd and dvd readers and writers connected to your computer, check the firmware used.

The details about the media used and the speed supported by a given writer with this media.

Also you can scan a burnt media for read errors and be confident about the readibility of your fresh backup.

Features of VSO Inspector:

Detect and list the features of your CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD readers or writers:
- Supported formats
- Region details
- Firmware versions
- Buffer size
- Region Code
- Read modes
- Write modes
- Etc
Detect and list information about the inserted media:
- Media type
- Capacity
- Media ID (manufacturer and/or model)
- Number of layers
- Supported speeds (with current writer)
Media Analysis:
- Sector reading
- Definition of the area to check
- Definition of the read direction (as medias are mostly weak at the end of the recording zone, starting from the end is a good idea for a quick quality indication)

Changes in VSO Inspector :

- [Bug] Some device features are detected incorrectly (Phil) - resolved.
• VSO Inspector
- [Suggestion] VSO Inspector v2.1.0.0 Device Feature display issues in Windows 2000 ONLY (Phil) - resolved.
- [Bug] Displays 2 weird chars (Box) when displaying writable speeds in the media tab: 4x, .. .. 2x (Phil) - resolved.
- [Feature Request] Add more details in device feature list (Phil) - resolved.
- [Bug] Saving report may lead to index out of bounds (Phil) - resolved.
- [Feature Request] Add Windows 7 taskbar progress (Phil) - resolved.
- [Bug] Copy to clipboard from log not working (Phil) - resolved.
- [Bug] Incorrect capacity for open multi-session discs (Phil) - resolved.

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