RadLight TTA DirectShow filter enables playback of TTA (True Audio) encoded files in RadLight or any other DirectShow based player.
TTA is a simple lossless audio compressor based on adaptive prognostic filters which has shown the same or the better results comparing to majority of modern analogs.

Our main requirements to compressor development was the reasonable compression level and high operation speed.

TTA performs lossless compression on multichannel 8,16,24 bit's integer and 32 bit's IEEE floating-point data of the Wav audio files. Being "lossless" means that no data/quality is lost in the compression - when uncompressed, the data will be identical to the original.

The compression ratios of TTA depend on the type of music file being compressed, but the compression size will generally range between 30% - 70% of the original. TTA format supports both of ID3v1 and ID3v2 information tags.

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TTA plug-in version 3.1 for Winamp: Winamp 2/5 plug-in.

TTA plug-in version 2.4 for foobar: foobar2000 plug-in.

True Audio DirectShow Codecs Suite: allows 3rd party applications to work with the True Audio data streams.

True Audio Encoder (TTA): is a simple lossless audio codec which shows same or better results in comparing to majority of modern analogs.

RadLight PVA DirectShow filter: will allow playback of PVA files in RadLight 4 and other DirectShow based players.

RadLight OptimFrog DirectShow decoder filter: enables playback of OFR (OptimFROG) encoded files.

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter: enables playback of MPC (MusePack) encoded files in RadLight, Winamp, Windows Media Player or other DirectShow based player.

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