Important! The development of RK Audio compressor was discontinued.

RKAU is a standalone lossless and near lossless audio compressor. It is ideally suited to archiving audio files in an easily accessible format.
The audio format created can be played back directly using the Winamp plugin included.

Features of RK Audio compressor 1.07:

- Compression ratios close to the best in the world.
- ID3 tag support.
- Winamp plugin for direct playback.
- Near lossless modes, smaller files without any waveform distortion and only a small loss in quality.

Changes in RK Audio compressor 1.07:

- I made a small mistake when compiling v1.06 which has caused the stereo compression to be disabled by default. This release now enables this by default again as it should be.
- Also fixed the bits per sample calculation which was generating meaningless junk in the previous version.

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RK Audio compressor 1.07
on 21 October 2006, reviewed by:

It is terrific

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