MythTV DirectShow Filters 2006-10-15

Updated: 15 Oct 2006

MythTV Filters is a collection of DirectShow filters and applications that enables playback of MythTV nuv files on Windows.
Note that there is no MPEG4 codec included with this package, so if you record in MPEG4 you have to get a MPEG4 codec separately.
• The MPEG4 codec from 3ivx seems to work well.
• The codec from also works, but sometimes the picture gets blocky.

Few words about .nuv files :

MythTV uses two different types of nuv files. One is nupplevideo format and that is what DSMyth filters can read.
This is the format you get when you choose mpeg4 or rtjpeg as video codec in MythTV.

The other format is when you have a card that can do hardware mpeg encoding (pvr-250/pvr-350) or a dvb card and in this case the nuv file is just a mpeg file with the extension .nuv insted of .mpg
To play this type of files you need some mpeg2 filters (for example those that comes with dvd playback software)

Most of the shell extensions will work with mpeg files too, the file information property page will not work, only the database propertypage will.
The extra columns in windows explorer will also work except for "Dimensions" and "Duration"

Changes in MythTV DirectShow Filters 2006-10-15 :

- Updated filters to work with mythtv 0.20; haven't tested it much, but looks like it works (or atleast not any worse than before).
• MythTV DirectShow Filters 2006-02-12
Experimental build from cvs. This version shod work with MythTV v0.19
• Known problems:
- It is now possibel to switch livetv enties from a mediaplayer, but this part needs more work, if something bad happends during changing it goes realy bad and the filter is not able to recover properly.
- As before it always uses the first entry in the chain, but now it's not a big problem since you can (if it works) change livetv entry.
- It can deadlock if you are unlucky.
- MPEG2 TS Seeking is not implemented and length calculcation is not done right.
- I'm prety sure i've broken the length calculations in a few cases.
- Changes during playback to audio and video types in MPEG2 TS streams is not handled. This means that audio disappears if there is a change to the audio stream.
• Changes:
- The filter now properly marks the active livetv entry as in use so myth does not delete it while we are using it.
- Deleting a recording from the property page now checks if it's in use or not and it will prevent you from deleting a recording while it's in use.
- Various other changes and fixes.
- I've changed all db access to use mysql++
- libdvbpsi updated
And and usual expect interfaces to change and broken things.

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