Media Player Classic - BE beta

Updated: 11 Apr 2014 | Freeware | 8.2MB | Downloads: 74421

MPC-BE (aka Media Player Classic Home Cinema - Black Edition) is a light-weight media player that supports all common video, audio and image file formats available.
MPC-BE is based on the original Media Player Classic developed by Guliverkli and contains additional features and bug fixes.

Features of MPC - BE 1.4:

- Option to remove tearing
- Better support for Windows Vista/7/8, including a 64-bit build
- Support for EVR/EVR CP (Enhanced Video Renderer)
- Supports most types of subtitles including BD .sup files
- Playback and recording of television, if a supported TV tuner is installed
- OSD info (On Screen Display)
- Multi-Monitor support
- Various pixel shaders
- Color management
- 22 translations available

Changes in Media Player Classic - BE 1.4.2:

- Added (+):
+ MPCVideoDec - added support for decoding 'VP7';
... and many more.
- Changes (*):
* MPCVideoDec - add support MP4 H264 files with avcC atoms without any SPS/PPS (use code from LAV);
* MP4Splitter - correct aspect ratio for video tracks, has a higher priority value from the header(atom 'tkhd');
- See full changelog here.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 24 August 2013, reviewed by: ghani




Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 10 July 2013, reviewed by: Dipayan


It is awesome.....better than normal MPC-HC in looks & user experience....

also fixed the bug of not responding or crashing when trying to seek any video decoded by external decoder.....normal MPC-HC many times crashes when seeking frequently, but MPC-BE never crashes....

thanx for this nice player!!......

only one thing, requesting the uploader that try to update the MPC-BE player frequently when normal MPC-HC update itself...

looking for the next stable version, try to update the player..

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