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In order to play MP4 files, you must have MP4 Splitter installed. Not to be confused with MPEG-4 Video, the MP4 Bitstream format is a wrapper format, similar to AVI/OGM/Matroska.
The format was licensed from Apple's QuickTime by the MPEG group as the official file format for MPEG-4 content.

It should become more popular as commercial entities start shipping more MPEG-4 content.

How to install MP4 Splitter:

If you are unable to install the filter, please read this small guide: How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec files from Guides section.

Changes in MP4 Splitter 1.4.3:

- correct aspect ratio for video tracks, has a higher priority value from the header(atom 'tkhd');
- added support for '2Vuy', 'DVOO', 'yuvs', 'yuv2', DNxHD, FFV1, 'v308', 'v408', 'V410';

Important Note:

- Gabest MP4 Splitter can't be used with the Haali Media Splitter installed. So it's not advisable to have both files installed on your system in the same time.


MP4 Splitter
on 13 August 2010, reviewed by: Jack


Copy the file MP4Splitter.ax to C:\Windows\System32. Then open Start->Run and type in "regsvr32 MP4Splitter.ax" (without the quotes). You'll get a message that the registering is successful.


MP4 Splitter
on 11 August 2010, reviewed by: tim


How did you install it?


MP4 Splitter
on 25 May 2010, reviewed by: Jack


It's not used for cutting (editing) MP4 files; it adds the possibility to view/play MP4 files. As it says on the page: "In order to play MP4 files, you must have MP4 Splitter installed".

Print MP4 Splitter

Haali Matroska Splitter: is a new DirectShow splitter, based on Haali's C library for .mkv (Matroska), .mp4, .ogg/.ogm and .avi handling.

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GDCL MP4 Filters: support ISO Mpeg-4 files containing Mpeg-4 and H.264 video and a variety of audio formats.

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