Updated: 11 Jun 2007

Important! The development of LameFE seems to be discontinued.

LameFE is a powerfull frontend for LAME: CDRipper (with batch processing), Extendable through plugins, Winamp plugin support, Ogg/Vorbis, Monkeys Audio, Wave, Cuesheet, FreeDB and much more.
Features of LameFE 3.0 :

- Encode CDs directly to MP3
- Encode CDs directly to Ogg/Vorbis
- Encode CDs directly to Wave-Audio
- Encode CDs directly to Monkeys-Audio
- MusicBrainz lookup, to get CD information
- CD-Text support (if supported by your drive)
- Analog Audio-CD playback
- Powerfull tag-editor
- Highly customizable filename layouts
- Match-processing to easily rip multiple CDs with multiple drives
- Much more...

Changes in LameFE 3.0 beta 1 :

LameFE 3.0 Beta 1 is the first public test release of LameFE 3.0. New features include:
- Support for Windows Vista
- New redesigned userinterface
- Almost completly rewritten core
- New default settings
- New more powerfull filename setups
- Better resampling support
- Moved Wave and Ogg/vorbis encoders into the core (previously plugins) to optimize encoding speed
- Redesigned and much simpler settings
• Known issues
- MusicBrainz support is not yet moved to MusicBrainz v3
- MusicBrainz Disc calculation fails for Music CDs with extra data track
- Batch-Mode is not configurable yet (via dialog)
- maybe more….
• For licensing reasons the lame encoder is not included anymore and must be obtained seperatly.

Changes in LameFE 2.4.0 :

- Intermediate 'stable' release to replace outdated LameFE 2.2.x series
- Added 'download other languages' to 'Settings/Languages'
- Fixed 'Download lame_enc.dll' button
- Re-do of german translation
- Disabled 'unstable features' from previous previous versions (such as Collection support etc.)
- Fixed bugs in the (un-)installer
- "Apply button" in Settingsdialog now only clickable when settings modified, to match the windows userinterface guidelines
- New icons in settings dialog
- Cleaned up Settings dialogs
- Updated/Removed obsolete strings here and there...

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