HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94

Updated: 19 Feb 2008 | Freeware | 447KB | Downloads: 219653

HDTVtoMPEG2 converts HDTV MPEG2 transport stream files to standard MPEG2 video files playable (mostly) by media player, many software DVD player programs and readable by video converter programs like FlaskMPEG and Vidomi.
Changes in HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94 :

- .94 - Fixed improper Output file name and crash when deleting from Input box introduced with tooltip change.
- .93 - Input list box now only shows the file name. Tooltip shows the path.
- .92 - Recognize .rec and .mpg as valid transport stream extensions
- .92 - Fixed a bug that could cause the dreaded "Could not find a Channel" bug on valid TS files.
- .91 - Clips button state is now saved in the ini file
- .91 - Added grey color bar support during commercial scan.


HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94
on 02 February 2012, reviewed by: Gordon Branson


I wanted to use this to enable editing of .ts files from my Humax PVR. It will not load HD files saying that there is no channel. It will load SD files but the data is scrambled so, all in all, this was a waste of time.


HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94
on 11 December 2011, reviewed by: John David Griffiths


Doesn't work, get "could not find a channel" every time.


HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94
on 18 July 2011, reviewed by: John


"Could not find a chanel"
Nothing to do with that software !


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