DivXLand Bitrate Calculator is specially designed for calculating audio and video bitrates required for video encoding with specific target file sizes.
Features of DivXLand Bitrate Calculator 2.9 :

- Compatibity with all DivX and XviD codec versions
- Support for MP3 constant/variable bitrate, WMA, AC3 and WAV audio formats
- Easy to use interface
- Multiple languages available, system language auto-detection
- Freeware

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Aspect: is combined frame size and AVI/DivX/XviD video bitrate calculator.

VideoCalc: is a freeware application that calculates the video bitrate to use when encoding a movie to DVD/SVCD/DivX to fit in a specified disc size.

Dr. Divx Calculator: is a bitrate calculator for Dr. Divx.

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