Dirac DirectShow Filter 1.0.2

Updated: 12 Feb 2009

Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at resolutions from QCIF (176x144) to HDTV (1920x1080) progressive or interlaced. It uses wavelets, motion compensation and arithmetic coding and aims to be competitive with other state of the art codecs.
Changes in Dirac 1.0.2:

• This is a minor release complying with the latest Dirac Bytestream Specification 2.2.3.
- Improved compression performance for small picture sizes.
- Improved compression performance at low bit-rates.
- Included macros to check the API version.
- Improved motion estimation.
- New 422 <-> 420 conversion utilities for interlaced video.
- New functionality added to encoder API. The programmer's guide has been modified accordingly.
- Fixed bugs in handling DC subband.
- DirectShow filter released to be able to play back Dirac raw bytestreams or Dirac muxed in AVI in Windows Media Player and MPlayer Classic.
- Released the source and win32 binary of ffmpeg2dirac, a utility that can transcode any multimedia format that can be decoded by FFmpeg into Dirac video and Vorbis audio (if audio exists) muxed in Ogg.
- Note that new patches for MPlayer and FFmpeg will no longer be released because Dirac support via Dirac and Schroedinger libraries is available in FFmpeg.

Important Note :

- Directshow Filter for Dirac derived from the Guliverkli's Dirac Splitter. It works with Dirac Version 1.0.2. Double-clicking on the installer will copy the filters and the dirac-research decoder and Schroedinger library dlls to c:\Program Files\Dirac and register the Schroedinger decoder filter.
Once installed, Dirac raw bytestreams and Dirac wrapped in AVI can be played back using Windows Media Player and MPlayer Classic.

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Dirac Splitter: includes a splitter for depacketizing the .drc files into frames, and a decoder.

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