Updated: 21 Jun 2009

BestPractice is a tool to slow down or speed up music, either from a wave file or directly from a CD.
The thing is, that ordinarily the sound is distorted when slowed down our sped up - you get the effect like when playing a 45 rpm record on 33 rpm speed.

BestPractice tries to correct this, so you can slow down and speed up music, while keeping the original tune.

Since version 0.3 you can also change the pitch of the music without affecting its length.

Why BestPractice?

This splits up in two parts: "why is BestPractice made?" and "why would I use it?"
• To start with the first: I saw that there were programs available on the internet that do this, and you have to pay for them ($20 to $50). Since I thought: 'I can do that', I had to prove it, right?
• And for part two - well, there are probably more reasons, but those I can think of are:
- Your favorite musician plays a solo that you want to study, but you can't figure it out on normal speed
- You'd like to transcribe music, but need to slow it down to hear it right
- You can tune the song to your instrument instead of the other way around
- You'd like to sing along, but you need to change the key to match your voice
- You're like me and like to fool around with audio and/or digital signal processing
- You think that playing Celine Dion at rave speed is fun =D

Changes in BestPractice 1.03.1:

- Small update, with some additional languages: Norwegian (by Daniel Vagstad), Finnish (by Timoteus Ruotsalainen) and Gaeilge (by Pat O'Mara).

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BestPractice 1.03.1
on 25 August 2009, reviewed by:

Does what is says! I use it to slow down parts of a song (for learning or transcribing) without affecting ...

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