Updated: 2 Jan 2006

Aspect is a combined frame size and AVI/DivX/XviD video bitrate calculator.
Features of Aspect 2.1.0 :

- calculate frame size according given aspect ratio
- evaluate aspect errors
- check frame size for compliance with codec (i.e. ensures that frame height/width is multiple of 4, 16, etc.)
- calculate aspect ratio according given frame size
- calculate avi video bitrate/size and bits/pixel value
- automatically calculate frame size
- evaluate interleave overhead for legacy and opendml avis
- adjust aspect ratio for cropped movies
- access unencrypted vob, mpeg2, png and bmp files
- retrieve video resolution, aspect ratio and fps from supported video files
- show frame preview

Changes in Aspect 2.1.0 final :

- dgindex project files (d2v) support
- avisynth script generation
- duration retrieval from video files
- autocrop function

Important Notes :

- Project supported by codecs.com
- See more info about Aspect bitrate calculator here: http://aspect.fre3.com

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