Important: 1Click Bluray Copy's development seems to be discontinued.

1Click Bluray Copy is a one-to-one Blu-ray copy program that is fast and easy to use. Insert an original Blu-ray movie disc and 1Click will burn an exact copy to a blank Blu-ray media (same size as the original).
1Click Bluray Copy can copy personally authored Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray discs which are not encrypted. If you wish to copy a Blu-ray which is encrypted, you'll also need to install decrypting software like "DVDFab Passkey".

Changes in 1Click Bluray Copy 1.0:

- Bug Fix: The media size on some 50GB Blu-ray media discs was not detected correctly.
- Updated: Trial period extended.

Important Note:

- 1Click Bluray Copy is free to try during the beta testing period.

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