MPC Audio Splitter

MPC Audio Splitter (previously known as Audio Stream Splitter Filter) is developed and compiled by MPC-BE team and its purpose is to add support for various audio formats.

MPC Audio Splitter provides support for:

- Monkey's Audio (.APE) and also for APE Tag;
- DTS-CD and AC3-CD;
- TTA with ID3v2 tags;
- TAK;
- WAV (with ID3V2 support) and also for Wave64;
- FLAC format;
- MusePack 7/8;
- WavPack (for DSD streams in WavPack (.wv) files) and WavPack ID3Tag;
- DST streams (Digital Stream Transfer);
- and basic support for AIFF format.

Latest Changes to MPC Audio Splitter:

- Added support for multiple ARTIST tags for FLAC.
- Fixed playback of initial samples of FLAC files.
- Improved FLAC playback via HTTP.
- Fixed APE Tag reading in some situations.
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