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MP4Cam2AVI 2.81
on 08 March 2010 , reviewed by: Ron Horton

# 2

This program has a straightforward and easy to use interface. It does exactly what it says it will do. It superbly and rapidly converts .mov files shot with my Pentax Optio W10 to .avi files. Easy to download and install, and easy to use... and free!




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MP4Cam2AVI 2.71
on 22 November 2007 , reviewed by: Fretts

# 1

I have a Casio Exilim EX S880, a new model. It stores video in MOV files but encodes with MPEG4-AVC codec and the audio is detected as being IMA ADPCM, according to this software. My goal was to be able to send short clips of video to friends, family, or post to websites.

The camera's MOV files will not play properly in any media player on the planet that I have encountered -except- VLC. Either the video is bad, audio is bad, or both. Every player except VLC. I need to make files playable in a player everybody has.

MP4Cam2AVI accepted my MOV file and produced an AVI output. This file, if it would play at all, displayed a weird, shattered still image, partially negative, partially solarized and basically unrecognizable, with a few pixels changing sporadically at first, then none at all. The audio was a hideous hammering wash of digital noise, about two shots per second, absolutely unlistenable.

I tried VLC, Windows Media Player 11, Quicktime 7, and Media Player Classic.
As far as my new camera is concerned, this program makes things far worse and is not usable for the intended purpose.




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There is a jagged when saving a DVD image. Ask the administrator to fix it.
I have recently started using VirtualDub2 to "improve" poor quaity videos - mainly with brightness/contrast, sharpen, and levels ...
Did not install properly and the webp pics do not show up at all. Win 8.1 64 here. disappointing.
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