Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Converter Suite is a powerful pack offering a complete iPod video conversion solution.
The two applications contained by this bundle enables users to encode video files of the most popular formats such as DVD, AVI and MOV, to other extensions that are supported by iPod.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy your DVD movies on your iPod, instead of having to use a DVD player.

What makes this pack different from other software is the fact that conversion is performed in one step, instead of converting DVD to AVI and AVI to iPod. This means that conversion takes less time to complete.

Moreover, the two applications are easy to use due to their intuitive interfaces, which support drag and drop file importing and batch conversion. The conversion process is uncomplicated: select input files, select output profile, choose destination and start encoding.

The most important features of the Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Converter Suite are supporting almost all kinds of DVD formats, working with the most common video formats, handling all iPod video sizes, subtitle selection through DVD menu, audio track selection, splitting output video by DVD chapters, output file size and quality customization, and supporting DVD to MP3 audio conversion.

There are some limitations with these applications as well. They need a large amount of system resources to convert files and users cannot adjust audio and video settings. On the other hand, output video quality is very good.

Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Converter Suite is recommended to a wide category of users looking for a straightforward and fast conversion method, but without being very interested in editing the videos. pictures/screenshots/thumb/img_769.gif

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