VobSub 2.23

Updated: 26 May 2004

Subtitle filter for VirtualDub and DirectShow. Any video player - like Windows Media Player - can handle it.
Now includes Subresync for fixing subtitle sync problems, and SubMux for muxing SRT subtitles (and audio tracks) with AVI/DivX files.

Changes from VobSub 2.22 to VobSub 2.23:

- Fixed the "double arrow icon & sound keeps playing after closing" bug.

DirectVobSub (VSFilter): is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle.

xy-VSFilter: is a VSFilter fork for smooth playback, based on VSFilter 2.39 Guliverkli2 with various important changes from VSFilter 2.41 MPC-HC.

VobSub Ripper: is the stand-alone DVD subtitle extractor to VobSub file format.

VobSubStrip: shows a list of all the subtitle tracks present in your .sub (VobSub) file and strips unwated subtitle streams.

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