Vidomi Enhanced AVI 0.469

Updated: 19 Jun 2004

Vidomi Enhanced AVI is free utility allowing you to play and convert videos.
It transforms your source files into TV quality XviD and DivX MPEG-4 video with the help of several open source applications.

Vidomi Enhanced AVI’s straightforward and colorful interface allows you to import files using the file browser and you can either play your videos or encode them with just a few clicks.

The input formats accepted by Vidomi Enhanced AVI are AVI and MPEG, and the application delivers DivX, Xvid, VID and SVID. Batch conversion is supported, which means you can convert several files at the same time.

The conversion options provided by Vidomi Enhanced AVI are extremely diverse: adding chapters and subtitles to your encodes, using multiple computers on a network to encode more in less time, creating job lists (up to 256 jobs for up to 64 files per job), splitting files to fit on CDs, and using variable bit rate for optimum quality and file size.

With Vidomi Enhanced AVI top and bottom black bars are eliminated automatically, and you have access to advanced processing options: scaling, re-sampling, deinterlacing, selecting the video codec, changing the aspect ratio and so on. Furthermore, you can customize subtitles and adjust their font, size, color and background options. Vidomi Enhanced AVI also offers playlist support for over 32,000 files.

Vidomi Enhanced AVI has not been developed anymore for a very long time, and its last version, 0.469, had all its components updated: the Vidomi player, the encoder, the encoder server and the slaves.

The application is probably not compatible with latest operating systems because of its discontinued status.
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Vidomi Enhanced AVI 0.469
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The description is lacking, in that it does state the program's OS compatibility. Being a Vista user, I need to ...

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