Vidomi is a combination software application which makes and plays TV quality XviD and DivX MPEG4 video from your existing source files. We have packaged several open source applications together into a simple-to-use all-in-one tool.
Features of Vidomi Enhanced AVI 0.469:

- Easy to use interface to encode and play XviD Mpeg4 files
- Encodes video and audio in one step
- Vidomi Enhanced AVI™ allows you to add chapters and subtitles to your encodes
- Multiple Language Support provides international accessibility
- Distributed Encoding: Encode more in less time using using multiple computers on a network
- Source range selection to encode only the video you want. Select up to 32 cut points for output as a single file
- Create job lists: up to 256 jobs of up to 64 files per job
- Variable Bit Rate for optimum quality and file size
- YV12 Encoding The fastest possible method of converting MPEG 2 to XviD
- Splits files to fit on CD-Rs and maintain audio synch
- Hyper functions automatically eliminate top and bottom black bars, adjust for aspect ratio, and scale video
- Advanced, automated post-processing (deinterlace, scale, re-sample)
- Improved Integrated player designed specifically for playing XviD files with keyframe and single frame advance and full-screen playback
- Playlist support for over 32,000 files
- And, it's fast!

Changes in Vidomi Enhanced AVI 0.469 :

• Changes in Vidomi .469 Player:
· The Player is fully skinned.
· Added on Screen Controls when in Full Screen Mode.
· Fixed hang bug during playback (Happens after watching a movie for 45 minutes or more)
· Fixed A/V position bug when switching between multiple audio channels.
• Changes in Vidomi .469 Encoder:
· The front end of the encoder is skinned. The remaining part of the product is the same dull gray.
· XVID is now the default codec that ships with Vidomi. A Divx installer can still be downloaded as a separate kit from
· Huffy YUV now works as input or output with the Vidomi Encoder. (The changes to make Huffy YUV work might have fixed some other codecs as well.)
· Added "Hybrid XVID" encode mode.
· Added "Normal Two Pass Codec" encode mode. This mode lets you specify the encode parameters for each pass.
· Added support for encode server to the job menu.
· Slaves can be shutdown now
· VBR Audio is now Supported (But still not recommended)
• Changes in Vidomi Slave:
· Added option to enable shutdown of slave. By default, a slave can't be shutdown.
· Set the slaves default thread priority to IDLE. Idle threads only run when all Normal threads are done using cycles. The slave is VERY friendly on CPU usage now.
· Made the slave return an version mismatch error if the slave and encoder data structures don't match in size.
• Changes in Vidomi Encode Server:
· This is a new addition to Vidomi. The encode server is the network encode loop broken out as a separate application. The Encode Server communicates with encode slaves to get jobs encoded. Jobs can be dynamically added to the Encode Servers job queue by any Vidomi Encoder on the network.
• Vidomi Secure Player:
· This is a new addition to the base Vidomi distribution. The secure player enables to make $$$. pictures/screenshots/thumb/img_102.gif


Vidomi Enhanced AVI 0.469
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