The FilmMachine is an all in one AVI to DVD/(S)VCD conversion utility. Supports DVD subtitles (both permanent and selectable). Requires CinemaCraft Encoder SP, Canopus Procoder, HC Encoder (Free) or QuEnc (Free) video encoder.
Features of The FilmMachine 1.6 :

- Easy to use, wizard-like user friendly interface
- Simple AVI to (S)VCD & DVD conversion
- Full information about AVI-file
- Automatic splitting of the movie
- Automatic muxing of AVI-files
- Automatic bitrate calculation
- NTSC to PAL conversion
- PAL to NTSC conversion
- Aspect ratio selection
- Audio downsampling and bitrate selection
- The possibility to edit the Avisynth script as first step of the conversion process
- Permanent and selectable (only DVD) subtitles support
- Automatic merging of subtitle files
- Automatic chapter and menu (only DVD) creation
- Detailed logging
- A ready to use bin\cue CD image is created after conversion for (S)VCD
- Immediate burning of DVD when doing AVI to DVD conversion (Nero 6.3 and higher must be installed)
- Automatic program shutdown
- Tested on Windows XP and Windows 2000

Changes in The FilmMachine 1.6.3:

• This version is released because of problems with DVDAuthor running on Cygwin and because DVDAuthor released version 0.7.0 with a few nice features. You must at least have The FilmMachine version 1.6.1 installed on you computer.
- Updated DVDAuthor and Spumux to version 0.7.0 which also solves problems with cygwin.
- Now using the color and outline subtitle features of the new Spumux version 0.7.0.
- Fixed a few other bugs.

Changes in The FilmMachine 1.6.1:

- Implemented support for Surcode DVD DTS encoder version 1.0.29.
- Implemented support for 1x, 2x and 2,4x burning of DVD’s to be compatible with most dvd-players.
- Implemented the “Luminance Gain” feature for HCEncoder.
- Implemented the “Close All Gops” feature for HCEncoder. pictures/screenshots/thumb/The_FilmMachine_2.png

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