SupRip lets you OCR and detect text within subtitles as used by HD-DVD and Bluray movies. You can then save the text as a SRT file to be included in reencoded movies.
What is Sup format?

- HD-DVD subtitles consistently use low endian (= Motorola order) numbers through their files. A HD-DVD sup file is built out of sections, each of which defines one subtitle to display. Read more about Sup format here.

How to use SupRip :

- Demux the SUP file from the M2TS
- Start SupRip
- Load the SUP file with the "Load" button
- Mouseover the option fields to see help considering their function
- Either use "Auto-OCR" to automatically scan the whole file and leave any unknown characters alone, or check "Automatically continue" and press "OCR" to get prompted for any unknown characters
- Go to the SRT tab
- Review the subtitles and statistics. Change some options there if you want
- Save the SRT file with the "Save" button

Changes in SupRip 1.16 :

- Improved handling of languages like Romanian that can have accents below a letter.

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3D-Subtitler: allows you to convert srt subtitles into a readable idx / sup subtitles file when using side-by-side or over/under type 3D movies.

SubRip: is a program which allows you to rip DVD subtitles with their timing as a text file.

SubtitleCreator: allows you to convert ASCII based text files in SubRip’s SRT or SUB format to the binary format expected by DVD authoring tools such as IfoEdit or ReJig.

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