With ReStream you can change many options of a MPEG2 Elementary Stream without re-encoding.
You can change options like the Sequence Header, matrices, tff-flags, User Data, GOP-flags, pan-scan-info...

Intention :

- change/insert/strip/save manual matrices. This is to fix faulty streams wich lack of the correct matrices. (e.g. from bad demultiplexors or from a patched CCEv2.50)
- correct top-field-first flags
- change aspect-ratio or framerate
- change the nominal bitrate (needed for some authoring-programs)
- disguise a stream to improve compatibility with some authoring-programs
- add/change/user User Data from the stream
- remove sequence-end-codes from the stream
- add/change/remove Sequence Display Extensions (e.g. for pan-scan info)
- correct/change GOP-info, like the GOP-timecode
- correct some other parts of a stream
- cut a stream at a specific sequence header

Changes in ReStream 0.9.0 :

- new: Changing of progressive-sequence-flag
- new: show, add, change User Data once, every GOP or every picture/field.
- enhanced: display of frames/fields in the GOP

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AviDemux: is a video editor and encoder which can edit, encode, requantize MPEG and AVI, including DivX.

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