PSSADPCM Directshow Filter enables its users to decode PSS ADPCM which is multiplexed into AVI and WAV files.
This free DirectShow filter is extremely easy to install and uninstall.

To install PSSADPCM Directshow Filter to your computer, you need to extract the files from the archive and to run the reg.bat batch file.

For uninstalling the filter, you just have to run the unreg.bat file.

PSSADPCM Directshow Filter has not been updated anymore since 2005 and its last version, 0.61, was improved by fixing a bug which caused overflow under certain circumstances.

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ADX Decoder Directshow Filter: is used to decode adx stream in WAV/AVI files.

XA Filter: is used to decode PS audio (XA) multiplexed into WAV/AVI files.

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