out_lame is a Winamp output plug-in to create MP3 files directly from Winamp.
It is currently designed to work with Winamp 2.05 and all the upper 2.x versions (dunno about the 3.x ones) and Winamp 5.x. It uses the LAME DLL to encode to MP3.

Features of out_lame 1.6.4:

- Add an automatic update check
- Add support for custom destination file name (with %t %a names like in WinAmp)
- Possibility to have one parameter set for MPEG1 and one for MPEG2 (with a tab control) /or/ put the default bitrate to min/max automatically
- Tooltips on configuration option
- Support more than 16 bits input
- Possibility to encode in different folders with the name of the artist
- Possibility to clean filenames in the output dir (at request or at closing) (advanced option)
- Possibility to remove (trim) blank samples at beginning and end (advanced option)
- Create a continuous mode (get the filename) (all tracks in one) (advanced option)
- Create sepatate files each time the album/title track information changes (advanced option)
- Possibility to play while encoding (output to another plugin)
- Get the interface names from the .xml file (for internationalisation)
- Advanced tab control for parameters like : Global folder or depend on the saved config, automatically adjust bitrate (min for MPEG1/2), continuous mode
- Port as much as possible in Qt to make a real difference between the data containers and the GUI
- Port as much as possible in wxWindows to make a real difference between the data containers and the GUI
- Possibility to switch back to another output plug-in (encode/listen switch)
- GUI for configuring optional tag information that can be set in each config xml element

Important Note:

- To solve quality problem, download latest version of LAME MP3 Encoder and extract lame_enc.dll in Winamp > Plugins folder.

Changes in out_lame 1.6.4:

- Fixed bug: bit reservoir check box was not checked when bit reservoir was being used
- Fixed bug: problems saving settings sometimes
- About dialog now has the proper out_lame SourceForge project URL

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