Updated: 22 Mar 2012

musikCube is much more than an "mp3 player," it is a music "library." musikCube currently supports mp3, ogg, flac, ape, and cd audio file formats.
musikCube tries to stay as intuitive and attractive as possible without degrading the performance of your computer. We believe very strongly that your mp3 player should NOT exist only to be eye candy, but be a functional, cohesive part of your operating system.

musikCube is the vanilla audio player for Windows.

Features of musikCube:

- very low memory footprint
- clean and intuitive user interface
- blazing fast navigation
- fully drag and drop compatible
- powerful batch tagging
- an integrated cross fader
- an integrated cd ripper

Changes in musikCube 1.0 final :

- Added: made "Collected" its own library with its own playlists
- Added: improved selection box "type ahead" filtering
- Added: selection boxes during search and viewing modified tags
- Added: ability to set file assocations in the Preferences window
- Added: wma and mpc playback plugins
- Added: added updated Winamp Emulator plugin
- Added: customizable global hotkeys
- Added: tango icons
- Added: better volume control
- Added: Yann Le Moigne's windows media key patch
- Added: view -> selection boxes
- Added: theme editor dialog. File -> Theme Editor
- Added: ability to title a NetRadio when you add it
- Added: light playback icon theme
- Changed: rearranged main menu bar to be more coherent

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musikCube 1.0 rc 1
on 02 October 2005, reviewed by:

Light, intuitive, Plugins available on their site, what can you ask more? Maybe some bugs from time to time, but ...

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