MusicBee is helping you organize, find and play music files on your computer, on mobile devices or on the web.
MusicBee has a fresh, modern user interface, which is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

This file management application will import tracks from your computer and from iTunes and will complete a playlist.

From this point on, you can perform various tasks and view extensive information about your music.

The first capability of MusicBee is of course, playback, supported by the fact you can easily find the music you want to hear. Regarding track information found in tags, you have the possibility of adding metadata to your music using various tools. The information can also be taken from Internet databases.

Furthermore, MusicBee offers you some other interesting possibilities, such as creating a party playlist, importing audio files from CDs (synchronizing and ripping), customizing MusicBee with plugins, using advanced audio tools and many other features you will discover along the way.

MusicBee benefits from a community forum, so you can ask for advice or information whenever you want to find out something about the application.

Other actions you can take in MusicBee are viewing album artwork, queuing tracks, editing ID3 tags, using search functions, managing filters, creating a new library, viewing play history and importing/exporting subscriptions and radio stations.

All these features require a moderate amount of system resources, and MusicBee works quite fast and error-free.

MusicBee has many other features to unfold, but even after a quick review, you know it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to manage and play music using a variety of options.

This application is versatile and intuitive, and it will change for many users the way they imagine listening to music and organizing audio files.

Changes to MusicBee 3.2.6693:

- you can now instruct MusicBee to stop playback at a specific track in the Playing Tracks list. Right click/ Stop After Track
- various improvements to the Now Playing tab
- you can now have a wavebar displayed
- the Large Albums view now supports left and right panels for lyrics and artist bio (previously only the right panel could be used)
- various tweaks to the large album cover layout for different width/ height ratios
- there are now 32 virtual tags available
- editing video files now always saves to the MusicBee database (previously MusicBee would attempt to save tags to .mp4 files, but due to the complexity of some files, that functionality has been disabled)
- various skin element enhancements that will be used by future skins
- fix for playlist retrieval using the sub-sonic plugin
- various other bug fixes pictures/screenshots/thumb/Musicbee_2.jpg
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