mp4UI 1.0 RC 2

Updated: 21 Sep 2004

mp4UI is an easy-to-use software for opening, creating and modifying MP4 files. It comes with a nice GUI and among others it lets you import, export, delete and hint tracks, edit properties and metadata and view information.
Other features are a clean One-File Install/Uninstall-Setup, platform independet approach with mp4UILib...

Features of mp4UI 1.0:

- Open and create MP4 files
- Import, export, delete and hint tracks
- View information of MP4 files
- Edit file/track properties and metadata
- Nice and easy-to-use GUI

Changes in mp4UI 1.0 RC 2:

- improved AVI import
- minor improvements and bug fixes
- added logging
- Optimized build using VS.NET C++
- Clean One-File Install/Uninstall-Setup

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