mp3Split is a powerful tool splitting MP3 tracks in smaller segments.
If you use a media player that doesn’t support resuming and bookmarking and you listen to long tracks or podcasts, mp3Split is the right solution for you.

This portable application has a basic interface that any beginner will easily decipher and it allows you to process multiple files at the same time.

Files can be imported by using either the file browser or the drag and drop method.

Next you need to specify the output folder, which can be the same as the original, or different.

The splitting process doesn’t last too long and you can check the progress bar to see how much time and how many files are left.

Since it doesn’t offer too many splitting options, mp3Split is recommended to the average user who needs just a straightforward tool for splitting MP3 files in smaller segments and dividing their audio books or podcasts in batches. pictures/screenshots/thumb/Mp3Split_2.jpg

The current version requires Microsoft .NET Framework which is only included in XP.

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