With this tool you can build a CD/XA Bridge image using any file you want (not just MPEGs).
What's the point? Well, using Mode2/Form2 you have bigger user data sector sizes so you can fit more data in a single CD-R (up to 800 MB of data in a 80 min. disc).

What's the drawback, then? There is an issue on how Windows handles these discs.

It reads the files burned this way as RAW data, and it also appends a RIFF/CDXA header at the beginning of the file. So you can't burn anything you want ant then just see it like any other file: you must deal with this RIFF/CDXA stuff.

XCD DirectShow filter: a DirectShow Source filter for parsing RIFF/CDXA file and playing it on the fly (from a Mode2 CD).

CDXA Reader: Reader for VCD/SVCD/XCD files.

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