HDTVtoMPEG2 converts HDTV MPEG2 transport stream files to MPEG2 files which can be used in a variety of third-party software, such as media players, DVD player programs and video converter applications.
This MPEG-2 transport stream editor allows you to edit without any discontinuities in the output files.

At the same time, you have the possibility of breaking output into several segments.

HDTVtoMPEG2 can strip unwanted programs and PIDs from the input. Optionally, you may keep the same transport stream bit rate.

In order to use HDTVtoMPEG2, open it and press the “Add” button to import video files. Select the files you want to convert and click on the “Open” button. Consequently, the videos will be found in the “Input files” list. The output files will not have a “mpg” extension anymore.
Next, you can select the channel, the video and the audio stream you want to convert. You know how large the output file will be due to the “MaxFileSize” number. It is recommended to choose a 4600 output file size if you write files to a DVD-R.

Eventually, press “Convert” in order to start the conversion. During conversion, a progress dialog window will display information about input and output files, the progress of the current file and options you can select, such as “Cancel”.

HDTVtoMPEG2 has not been developed anymore since 2008, and its last versions have been improved significantly; the application had some bug fixed, it recognizes “rec” and “mpg” as valid transport stream extensions and it does not display anymore the “Could not find a channel” error on valid TS files.

HDTVtoMPEG2 is a good choice if you want to make your HDTV MPEG2 files more accessible to usual media players and easier to handle. It is a complex program that power users should feel comfortable with.

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HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94
on 02 February 2012 , reviewed by:

I wanted to use this to enable editing of .ts files from my Humax PVR. It will not load HD ...


HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.94
on 11 December 2011 , reviewed by:

Doesn't work, get "could not find a channel" every time.

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