Easy Subtitles Synchronizer (ESS) is a freeware tool that creates, repairs and synchronizes your subtitles easily.
It is designed for people without background to subtitles creation and synchronization. For this reason provides only the necessary tools for subtitles creation and synchronization that a common user needs.

Features of Easy Subtitles Synchronizer 1.0 :

- Compatible with .srt and .sub subtitles files
- File association with .srt and .sub files
- Uses the VLC video player or Windows Media Player in order to handle subtitles in real time
- Play, Pause, Stop Video
- Intelligent search for a video file when the subtitles file is loaded
- Intelligent search for a subtitles file when the video file is loaded
- Renames Subtitles File to a name similar than the Video’s filename
- Intelligent guess for a common filename for subtitles and video files while saving the subtitles file.
- New subtitles file creation
- Insert new subtitle
- Delete existing subtitle
- Synchronization by Changing frame rate
- Synchronization by setting the expecting start of the first and the last spoken subtitle
- Synchronization by setting the expecting start of subtitles
- Synchronization by changing the starting point of the subtitles
- Extend the duration of the subtitles
- Split large lines
- Fix overlapping subtitles
- Fix subtitles with small duration
- Remove extra spaces
- Remove special characters and
- Remove empty subtitles
- Replace facility
- Search facility
- Merge subtitles files
- Split subtitles files
- Undo last action
- Read and write from/to a variation of text files encoding.
- Drag and drop subtitles and video files.
- Easy navigation throughout the subtitles (go back/forward 4 sec, 1 subtitle, 10 subtitles, 50 subtitles; go to the next/previous subtitle with error; go to the next/previous subtitle with gap )
- Convert subtitles from srt to sub and vice-versa

Changes in Easy Subtitles Synchronizer 1.0:

- Ability to download subtitles from opensubtitles.org (see how).
- Ability to change the audio track pressing Alt+T(only for VLC).
- Ability to pass the values from 'Adjust Tool' to 'Manual Synch Tool' pressing the >> button on 'Manual Synch Tool'.
- Ability to change the default video viewer using the 'Video Player Selector' for win 7 users (see how on UseOfVPS.pdf).
- Ability to clear the current video and subtitles files from the ESS (Main Menu>Edit>Clear All).
- More extended context menu (right click) over the subtitles' list in order to pass values to 'Adjust Tool' and 'manual Synch Tool'
- Supports VLC 1.1.x

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