DVD Collector is a Windows program that allows you to manage your DVD collection. Whether you have 5 DVDs or 500, DVD Collector is the easiest way to manage them.
Enter your titles by hand, or do a search of our online database and download disc information. Extensive customization features mean that you can store as little or as much information about your collection as you like, and it's all stored on your own computer where it's easy to back up or move to another machine.

Password protection, a unique multi-currency purchase manager, and a loan manager are just a few of DVD Collector's many features.

Features of DVD Collector 1.0.2 :

- Support for multi-disc DVDs, with details about each disc
- Enter as much or as little information about each disc as you like - from basics like title, region, and running time through to cast, crew and subtitle languages - even add your own notes
- Custom data fields - define and store anything you like about each DVD
- Store information about any easter eggs, awards and your own review for each movie
- Support for box-sets, with the ability to define full details for each DVD within the box
- Ability to modify each description field - if an entry is missing, simply add it. You can also edit and remove entries using the field editor to customise the program as much as you require
- Supports up to 4 images per DVD and 2 per Boxset
- Create a wish list, then drag'n'drop items into your main collection when you have purchased them
- Built in image viewer
- Ability to store detailed purchase information for each DVD
- Multiple currencies - record the cost of each DVD in the currency you purchased it in, and view the full value of your collection in your local currency
- Powerful Purchase Manager allows you to keep track of your collection and its value
- Loan Manager lets you keep an eye on the DVDs you lend to people
- You can keep your DVDs organised in folders, just like Windows Explorer
- Drag'n'drop support
- Password protection for files and individual folders!
- Easy to use search mode
- Report printing
- Full range of import and export filters, including customisable HTML export
- Your collection is stored in a single file (easy to backup or move to other machines)
- You can keep multiple collection files
- Online database access to title information (R4 title information kindly provided by www.michaeldvd.com.au - the best review site for all things R4)
- Customisable interface

Changes in DVD Collector 1.0.2 :

- Ability to choose one of four different colours for the Folder, DVD & Box Set icons that appear in the tree view.
- You can store the last viewed date for each disc.
- Purchase information enabled for Wishlist items.
- In main collection view, the status bar shows whether a selected DVD/Box Set has a purchase record.
- Editing of RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is now enabled in the Purchase Manager.
- Added scanner interface to the image dialog for DVDs & Box Sets.
- Redesign of the DVD disc tab, Audio has been moved to its own tab, to allow more space for the list boxes. Audio tab on DVD dialog renamed to Audio & Subtitles.
- You can now enter as many URLs for each DVD & Box Set as you wish.
- You can now store IMDB numbers for each DVD/Box Set.
- The program will automatically build a IMDB web link (displayed on the main screen) based on the number or title.
- Quick 'Move To Folder' option when right clicking tree.
- Quick 'Move To Boxset' option when right clicking tree.
- Create a DVD copy (creates an identical copy of a selected DVD). Right click, or select the My Collection menu.
- When printing collection reports, you now have an option to print your Collection, Wishlist or both. Print Preview now remembers the last zoom factor and position. Added 25% zoom option to Print Preview.
- Proxy username & password option added to the proxy server settings.

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