DivX Author is the first full-featured DivX authoring program, allowing you to create DivX videos with advanced features like interactive menus, chapters, multiple subtitles and audio tracks.
DivX Author requires Windows XP or Windows Vista and is currently available in English only.

Easily create DVD-like DivX videos
- Add true DVD-like features to your videos, including full-motion menus, chapter points, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and motion thumbnails
- Create multimedia photo slideshows from your digital photo collection
- Take advantage of easy-to-use wizards and templates for professional-style presentation in minutes
- Customize every detail to truly personalize any media collection
- Import videos from almost any source
- Cut, edit and tweak your videos to perfection
Craft a story from your media collection
- Tell your story the way its meant to be told, with advanced DVD-like features
- Create high-quality, multimedia photo slideshows with background audio and scene transitions
Organize your video collection
- Backup your DVDs by importing them to DivX Author
- Arrange collections of episodic videos on a single disc
Share your video creations
- Easily share high-quality, highly-compressed DivX files over the Internet
- Publish your creations on DivX Stage6, an online community for people who love video
- Post DivX videos to your blog or social networking profile
- Burn videos to disc to share with your friends and family
Enjoy your videos in the living room
- Watch the DivX videos you create with DivX Author, complete with all those fancy DVD-like features, right on your TV with a DivX Ultra Certified DVD player or any other DivX Ultra Certified device
- You can enjoy videos created with DivX Author on DivX Certified DVD Players, portable media players and other devices as well, just without all the advanced features

Changes in DivX Author 1.5.2 :

- Updated user interface skin
- Added offline product registration
- Revised help files
- Workflow improvements for:
· Add Content Wizard
· In-place editing for movie and track names
· Video trimming
· DVD title set preview

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