ZVR Converter 1.0

Updated: 18 Oct 2006 | Freeware | 72KB | Downloads: 152434

ZVR Converter helps to convert ZVR files into WAVE format for voice recorders (SR-3xxN/SR-M1xxN).
How to use the ZVR Converter:

- Copy the ZVR files you want to convert to PC. For reference, ZVR files are on [VOICE] folder of a set.
- Unzip the downloaded ZVRconvert.zip file, then double click ZVRconverter.exe file.
- When the program is opened, click [OPEN] button to choose the copied ZVR files to PC.
- And then click [CONVERT] button on the program. The ZVR file will be converted into WAVE file.


ZVR Converter 1.0
on 16 September 2012, reviewed by: Leonardo


working as expected : )
just converted a 26 MB file in seconds.
many thanks


ZVR Converter 1.0
on 26 January 2012, reviewed by: Turist


Just perfect. Just wondering : does it exist for mac? Thanks !


ZVR Converter 1.0
on 22 July 2011, reviewed by: Pierre


Just downloaded and made use of the ZVR Converter.
"Worked fine" Fantastic!!

Just remember to Run the Converter from within its folder, copying it to Desktop will not work since you require the .dll file.

Thank you

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