XMPEG 5.0.3 beta 2

Updated: 20 Apr 2005 | Freeware | 1.85MB | Downloads: 57287

XMPEG is a high quality converter based on lossless MPEG/AC3 decoders. It exports video and audio frames through an Adobe Premiere interface.
To keep the maximum quality of your film, XMPEG use the best algorithms (HQ Bicubic 0, 0.75) for its filters.

The plugins provided in this package allow you to create your own DivX, DVD, SVCD with the maximum output quality.

A wizard allow you to do your back in a minimum of time, and without any experience.

With XMPEG, you can convert MPEG films into others video formats (DivX, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and more, depending about your installed codecs). XMPEG 5.03 can also preview your DVD in real time. XMPEG is known by users for its conversion speed, its stability and for its powerfull tools included.

Changes in XMPEG 5.2 beta 2:

- Incompatibility at start.
- Improved timestamp breaks detection.
- Support graphical interface (not ready yet).
* XMPEG 5.0.3:
- Tempstamp
- Some minor bugs solved.

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