XCD DirectShow filter test 6b

Updated: 14 Nov 2004 | Freeware | 61KB | Downloads: 8475

This is a DirectShow Source filter for parsing RIFF/CDXA file and playing it on the fly (from a Mode2 CD).
XCD means that you store normal data files in the same way as VCDs, meaning that one of the 3 layers of error correction of normal data CDs is removed and the free space is available for data.
The correct name of the recording format is Mode 2 Form 2.

XCDs can hold (2324/2048) times more data than normal data CDs, i.e. a 700 MB disc can hold 795 MB. If you combine it with Gigarec e.g. on 1.2x setting, you get 960 MB, and so on.

XCD DirectShow filter Functionality :

- allow any direct show based media player to play mode 2 form 2 files right from the CD (i.e. VCD, SVCD and files burned using mode2cdmaker tool [aka "DeXT's tool"])

Changes in XCD DirectShow filter test 6b :

- fixed install script to work on Win9x/Me

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How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files: easy way to install/uninstall DLL, AX files using command prompt.

Mode2 CD Maker: with this tool you can build a CD/XA Bridge image using any file you want (not just MPEGs).

CDXA Reader: reader for VCD/SVCD/XCD files.

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