Updated: 10 Sep 2009

WinampAC3 is a Winamp 2.x/5.x input plugin to play .ac3 and .dts files. Based on the same decoder library used in AC3Filter.
Features of WinampAC3 1.20:

• Playback:
- Watch movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks
- Listen multi-channel (AC3/DTS) AudioCD
- Playback WAV files with AC3/DTS content, ripped from multi-channel AudioCD without any conversion of these files.
- Playback raw .AC3 and DTS files (with help of AC3File filter)
• Process:
- Up-mix any audio track (even plain stereo) up to 6 channels
- Down-mix any audio track to any number of channels (to match your speaker configuration)
- If you have an external Dolby ProLogic decoder, you may use ProLogic down-mix to help DPL decoder to extract surround information
- Watch movies under poor hearing conditions (noisy environment, weak speakers, ...)
- Decrease dynamic range to watch movies at night
- Apply time shift to the audio track to synchronize audio with video.
- Adjust gain of every input/output channel independently to compensate loudness differences
- Adjust time delays for every channel to compensate different distances to loudspeakers.
• SPDIF output:
- Passthrough AC3 and DTS over SPDIF without any change to external decoder
- Encode any audio to AC3 and transmit it over SPDIF
- USB sound cards supported

Changes in WinampAC3 1.20a :

- Uses AC3Filter 1.52 code base and supports all new features!
- New DTS passthrough method
- Sample rate conversion
- Equalizer is back!
- Tray icon

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How to play AC3 files, or AVI with AC3 audio: in order to play AC3 (Dolby Digital) files or DTS (Digital Theatre Surround) streams included in AVI/OGM/MKV files...

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