Updated: 30 Jun 2013

VisualSubSync is a subtitle program aimed to facilitate subtitle synchronization by showing you the audio form and allowing the WORLD to see the subtitle timestamp breakdowns via a webpage and allowing them to submit corrections.
How do I see subtitles in the video preview window ?

For that you need to have VobSub installed.

In the VobSub Misc properties page check Auto-reload subtitle file after detecting modification.

Also, you need to name your subtitles file the same way as the video, for example : myvideo.avi and myvideo.srt or myvideo.ENG.srt. And don't forget to save your file to see the last modifications.

Note: When extracting WAV make sure you have enough disk space because there is no checking yet.

Changes in VisualSubSync 1.0.1:

* A few fixes and some basic MP4 container scene change support.
- Add scene change support for MP4 container by using synchronisation points.
- Fix loading of big files in text pipe. (Reported by Anani A. and Radioxoma)
- Fix text pipe colorization to at least work consistently for the last added subtitle.
- Try to fix form display when screen is not using 100% dpi. (Reported by Sabrina H. and mlgr)
- More error checking to avoid crash when rendering a media file.

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FurySync: is a free software for Windows, to quickly synchronize subtitles, either every lines, or just some of them, letting the program compute the rest.

Time Adjuster: with Time Adjuster you can make subtitles to appear earlier or later, convert your subtitle files into other formats. SYNCHRONIZE text with video, VERY EASY!

SyncView: is a free AVI/WAV alignment tool for MPEG video production.

SubViewerXP: is a software that can display a subtitle synchronized with a movie (Divx, Avi, etc...)


VisualSubSync 0.9.10
on 13 October 2007, reviewed by:

Excellent program, the waveform display makes it very easy to time and synchronize the subtitle. If there is one thing ...

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