Updated: 10 Mar 2004

If you don't see all codecs in VirtualDub, VirtualdubMod or other programs try this small tool coded by Koepi (the author of well-known XviD binaries).
So if you experience this problem, download and execute Vidc.Cleaner and look carefully into the output window. Does a line like:

"EMPTY!: * = empty -> Fixed." or
"EMPTY!: * = empty -> Unable to fix."

appear? Does the codec show up afterwards (maybe a reboot is needed, or a least a restart of your encoding application).

Important Note:

- You may need more than one run to clean all empty lines.

Report it!
Print Vidc.Cleaner

BigFix: corrects lots of common problems, including those you might experiencing after installing "codec packs" or when working with DivX/Dr DivX.

DivFix: was created to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.

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