VIA Vinyl HD audio driver supports HD audio codecs which so far is featured in the VT8237A and VT82351 South Bridges, when paired with the VIA VT1708 audio codec. The VT8251 South Bridge can feature either an AC’97 or a HD audio controller.
The VT8237A only supports a HD audio codec and does not support AC’97 audio. You need to install the driver for the audio codec.

VIA Vinyl HD Audio codecs are intended to fulfill the requirements of a new generation of PCs that are taking on increasingly complex communication and entertainment roles.

As the PC platform increasingly becomes the central device for home entertainment, the HD Audio codecs provide home theatre quality performance with support the latest high definition audio content.

For applications such as VOIP, the HD Audio standard also enables advanced support for devices such as array microphones that enable more accurate speech input.

VIA Vinyl HD Audio codecs are compliant with the Intel High Definition Audio Rev. 1.0 specification. Integrating stereo DACs with a 100dB S/N ration the VIA HD Audio codecs enable support the latest 7.1 channel, 24-bit, 192KHz audio content. The VIA HD Audio Codecs also integrate leading features such as a high quality headphone amplifier, enhanced recording support, and advanced power management features making them ideal for mobile devices.

To fill out the solution VIA offers a stylish easy to use driver with the VIA Vinyl HD Audio codecs enabling full access to its wide range of features. The VIA VT1708 driver also optionally supports leading QSound technology that offers unmatched technologies to transforms the PC Audio experience with enhancements for games, music, and movies as well as advanced feature control that allows users to fully customize their audio experience.

Target markets for the VIA HD Audio codecs include audio on motherboard solutions, and new convergence devices based on the x86 platform.

Features of VIA HD Audio Codec:

Premium Audio Quality
- Supports 44.1K/48K/96K/192KHz DAC Independent Sample Rate
- All ADCs Support 48K/192KHz Independent Sample Rate
- Built in High Quality Headphone Amplifier
- Exceeds Microsoft PC2001 Requirements
Various Output Format
- 4 Stereo DACs Support 24-bit, 192KHz Samples
- DAC with 100dB S/N Ratio
- 2 Stereo ADCs Support 24-bit, 192KHz Samples
- ADC with 95dB S/N Ratio
- 8-Channels of DAC Support 16/20/24-bit PCM Format for 7.1 Audio Solution
- 16/20/24 bit S/PDIF TX Supports 24-bit, 44.1K/48K/96KHz Samples
- 16/20/24 bit S/PDIF RX Supports 24-bit, 44.1K/48K/96KHz Samples
Added-on Function
- High Quality Differential CD Input
- HPF In ADC Path for DC Removal
- Analog CD Input Path for Compatibility
Low Power Consumption
- Supports EPAD (External Amplifier Power Down)
- Power Management and Enhanced Power Saving Features
- Digital: 3.3V; Analog: 3.3V/5.0V
- Compatible with VIA VT1618 8-Channel AC'97 codec
- 48-Pin LQFP Package

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