Updated: 9 Jan 2013

TwoLAME is a fork of tooLAME - an optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder with TMPGEnc in order to provide better sound quality to VCD and SVCD clips (when compared to TMPGEnc's own audio encoding algorithms).
Features of TwoLAME 0.3:

- Fully thread-safe
- Static and shared library (libtwolame)
- API very similar to LAME's (for easy porting)

Important Note:

TwoLAME is a Command Line tool and has no GUI/Frontend.

Changes in TwoLAME 0.3.12:

- Fixed 'inline' for the forthcoming gcc-4.3. thanks to Martin Michlmayr for patch.

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ffmpegGUI (with latest ffmpeg build): very simple and fast AC3, MPA/MP2 audio encoder tool. Open WAV, MP3, AVI video, MPG video and convert directly to AC3 or MPA/MP2 audio in one step.

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