Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack 3.9.9 Full

Updated: 1 Jan 2004 | Freeware | 15.6MB | Downloads: 303757

Important! The development of Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack was officially discontinued.

Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack - a collection of most of the codecs and filters that you'll ever need. You may also want to try some of the other codec/filter packs, such as the DVD2CD codec/filter pack.
The Compact version contains only the most useful codecs and filters, while the full version contains many other tools you may or may not need.


Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack 3.9.9 Full
on 25 January 2005, reviewed by: Beefheart


I got the same issue as 4Tran, Windows File Protection warning during install. Very worrying, if I had been pre-warned then ok, but seems a bit trojany?


Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack 3.9.9 Full
on 18 December 2004, reviewed by: 4Tran


d**n this thing works! it fixed my movies from those nasty green frames. However, the things i'm not sure is if it was supposed to replace some of my WINDOWS files. Thanks.


Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack 3.9.9 Full
on 20 November 2004, reviewed by: Ian Bennett


Why do we have to f@#k about with different codecs and players this is holding progress back! Let's have something that works and leave it alone!

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