The Core Media Player 4.11

Updated: 20 Jan 2006

The Core Media Player (TCMP) is able to play virtually any type of audio or video format you throw at it and which is fitted with a generous amount of useful features.
Based on the well-known PowerDivX NextGen multimedia player, The Core Media Player brings you all the benefits of a powerful player.

The Core Media Player is available in two versions, Standars, which is free, and Premium, paid, with two additional features: DVD Playback and unlimited plugin support.

The interface is pretty simple and rather old school, so it will not create problems to average users; once you get more familiar with the application and explore it, you will discover its hidden treasures.

The Core Media Player has an advanced DirectShow based core, it offers skin support with real time Hue variation and Alpha blending, it supports playlist formats such as M3U, NPL, PLS AND XML, it has an open architecture, allowing third-party developers to improve it, it comes with a console mode with Full Command Line Interface, it allows you to set your own hotkeys and many others.

The Core Media Player has both amazing audio and video features.

It can render a wide variety of formats, it has a Dynamic Range Control feature, it offers DS Based http streaming support, and it is equipped with metadata support for audio and video formats (ID3v1, ID3v2 tags, OGG, OGM, MPEG audio info, respectively ID3v1, ID3v2, MPEG audio information, AVI information, OGG Vorbis tags).

With an incredibly small size of a few megabytes and an easy installation process, The Core Media Player is definitely a piece of software worth trying.

Its features are impressive, and its simple and intuitive interface is one more reason not to overlook this virtual item.

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The Core Media Player 4.11
on 08 April 2010, reviewed by: Shimhoc

I prefer it over the new coreplayer pro. pro sounds too bright and amped. there is no full bass and ...


The Core Media Player 4.11
on 01 May 2008, reviewed by: abhishek

dashing good. some interface oddness, but the super mutli format play makes up.

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