Sunplus 32-bit Compressor (or SP54 codec) 1.2

Updated: 13 Jan 2005

This 'obscure' codec helps you to play .avi files generated by few popular digital cameras.
The Mustek's GSmart pocket digital camera has the ability to make short video-clips.

The file generated by the camera is an .avi file, using an obscure codec identifying itself as SP54.

The codec will usually be installed by default when you install the bundled software.

Apparently is a form of MJPEG but with some internal information missing.

Hardware using this format:

- Aiptek's Pocketcam digital still camera
- Logitech's ClickSmart
- Mustek's gSmart mini 2

The 'SP' could mean 'Sun Plus', as those hardware use this type of chip.

The FOURCCs used by this codec seems to be SP44, SP54.

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