Sherlock - The Codec Detective helps to determine the codecs installed on computer and check to see if any of the codecs are broken.
Audio and Video playback problems can often be caused by NOT having the correct codec installed on your computer, or even the wrong version installed...

Now you have an easy-to-use, spyware, adware and cookies free tool, wich let you check the availability of codecs in Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Pro.

The important thing to remember here is that YOU do NOT need to understand what this software DOES!

You just RUN it, click the SAVE button and it CREATES the TEXT file automatically...

All YOU do then is email the file OR "copy and paste" the contents of the file to whoever is providing you with support! Couldn't be easier!

Features of Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0:

- Determine the codecs installed on a Windows XP computer
- Check to see if any of the codec's were "BROKEN" (will be highlighted in RED....)
- Export the data to a text file for technical support!
- FAST to run on a PC and did NOT require installing...
- SMALL enough for download by modem!

Changes in Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0:

- Getting the real driver behind ACM/VCM codecs rather than using the "wrappers" quartz.dll and qcap.dll.
- Option to print a formatted report direct from the utility.
- Display the relevant FourCC code for each codec in addition to codec info already provided.
- Identifying broken codecs and displaying that information.
- Provide a "Please Wait..." window whilst scanning system.

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Microsoft Fix It: identifies CODECs that are known to cause crashes and will disable them, getting them out of the way.

Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility: helps you determine if an MPEG-2 video decoder is installed on your Windows XP computer...

CodecViewer: is a little tool, which tells you which audio and video codecs you need for an avi file.


Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0
on 12 March 2007, reviewed by:

Clicking "save" button saves part of the list, then freezes. "print" button just freezes up.


Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0
on 14 January 2006, reviewed by:

This works just fine but now that it has identified a "broken" codec, how do I remove it? The offending ...

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