Sharp G.726 Audio Codec

Updated: 23 Feb 2005

You need Microsoft Windows Media Player Version 9 or higher and Sharp G.726 Audio Codec in order to play MPEG4 files on your PC.
The Sharp G.726 Audio Codec needed to play MPEG4 files is no longer signed by Microsoft. The Microsoft website has an article which provides a workaround for this.

If Sharp G.726 Audio Codec is not properly installed on your PC, it will not play MPEG4 Audio.


- Audio Codec Tag 45 may be requested when Sharp G.726 Audio Codec is missing.

Important Notes:

- Functionality may be limited on OSes other than Windows XP.
- G.726 is an audio standard which is widely used in camcorders, digital stills cameras, and Video-over-IP systems.


Sharp G.726 Audio Codec
on 21 May 2011, reviewed by: Cory

Finally it works! Such an easy fix. That being said, has anyone had trouble with the sound? I can watch ...


Sharp G.726 Audio Codec
on 19 February 2011, reviewed by: atterus

I agree with every one "Vista Sucks!!" The sharp G.726 Audio Codex don't work on ...

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