Updated: 10 Feb 2006

Winamp PowerPlayer II is a plugin that can turn your Winamp into a professional video player application.
PowerPlayer can play video in windowed mode, fullscreen or even video on desktop. Handles any video file which is supported by DirectShow (includes MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DAT/VCD, ASF, WMV, MOV, AVI, DivX, Real Media, QuickTime Movies (v4.0 or later), and Flash Movies were also supported (with additional software).

This latest version also have support for DVD playback.

In addition to standard features commonly found in video player applications, PowerPlayer offer unique features such as widescreen, panning, zoom, internal playlist, and much more. It has a simple interface, easy to use, and tightly integrated to Winamp.

The program also takes benefit of available Winamp DSP (plugin) and EQ adjustment, to easily improve audio quality of the played video. Moreover PowerPlayer II is free!

Features of Winamp PowerPlayer II:

- Uses DirectShow technology for greater performance and compatibility.
- Support a wide range of video types, any video types that supported by all DirectShow filters installed on the system.
- Volume control with DirectSound interface to avoid messing with global mixers.
- Displays video in normal 4:3 ratio or WideScreen, optimizes desktop space usage while viewing letterboxed video.
- Support cropping video area on the fly.
- Allow using alternate DirectShow Video Renderer filter available on the system.
- Custom Audio Processing (FX) can be applied for any DirectShow effect filter available on the system.
- Can be configured to use the new Video Mixing Renderer (VMR-9). Note : - MPEG-2 support may require additional software / hardware decoder.
- Windows standard codec for QuickTime videos only support QuickTime compression version 2 or earlier. Try QuickTime Alternative if you want to play newer videos.
- If you already have RealPlayer or RealOne player (recommended) installed, you’ll need RealMediaSplitter to have other DirectShow compliant players play Real Media files (including powerplayer). Try Real Alternative if you didn’t have / want to install RealPlayer.
- You’ll need Flash Player ActiveX control to play flash movies with powerplayer. To confirm that you have this installed, open Internet Explorer and drag an swf file to it’s window. If the flash movie opened correctly, you already have this plugin. If not, visit MacroMedia website to get it.

Known Issues:

- Video window resizing (with modern skin used) didn’t work correctly under Win2k/XP. The video window will kept revert to it’s previous size if you attempt to move it. A solution was actually being used by the program and worked under Win98 (mostly), but it doesn’t seem to work under Win2k/XP. An API or modification within winamp’s skin engine itself would surely help.
- Keep video window when winamp minimized (config option) did not work with modern skin. The video display somehow turn to black when winamp got minimized. So I disabled the option for now.

Some other options in config were also disabled if you use modern skin, simply because they’re not working right now. This will be fixed when time permit.

Quick hint: If you use modern skin and the program become non-responsive, disabled button, disabled menu, etc. etc., try disabling any visualization (including beat visualization), song title scrolling, and anything that continuously makes update to the winamp window. They eat a lot of computing time. If your computer is just too slow, please don’t use any modern skin at all.

* DVD Issues :
- can’t handle copy protected discs.
- closed captioning may not work.

Changes in Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d:

- fixed mpeg2 playback failed due to mpeg2 parsing error (length=0sec and non seekable), usually occurred after DirectX9 install.
- fixed crash (illegal operation) during powerplayer initialization on system with large amount of free memory (PM+VM>2GB).
- fixed, cannot control playback on some system due to improper WM_COPYDATA processing.
- fixed more compatibility issue with the auto-video-fullscreen plugin.
- improved merit retrieval routine for directshow filters and DMOs.
- seek buttons on fullscreen toolbar now usable.
- made the installer defaults to "Full Install".
- please review current known issues (pending fixes) before reporting a bug.
- ready to give donations to powerplayer? Click here to know how.

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Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d
on 04 August 2012, reviewed by:

Any ETA on a Win764bit release?


Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d
on 12 March 2011, reviewed by:

Does not work with nsv streams. What's a point? Continue to play with bars.

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