Personal Video Database

Updated: 19 Apr 2014 | Freeware | 16.2MB | Downloads: 14126

With Personal Video Database you can catalog your movie collection fast and easy. Thought-out user interface and different database management function make it easy to create and manage big movie databases.
Powerful filtering, grouping and sorting help you find movies very fast.

The program is expandable with plugins.

There are already plenty of plugins included with the installation that can help you retrieve movie information from different internet movie databases or other database formats.

Other important features of Personal Video Database include:
- loan management,
- full Unicode support
- and many more.

Changes in Personal Video Database

- Feature: File scanner can parse imdb ids
- Fixed: Issues with character encoding and plugins and scripts
- Fixed: Setting Seen Date would not update the Seen state
- Fixed: DoubleClick in Fields did not select word under cursor
- Fixed: Minor fixes and improvements


Personal Video Database
on 20 April 2010, reviewed by: Kenneth Lenegie


I hope this program is worth my downloading as I have a 800 to 1000 dvd collection.


Personal Video Database 0.9.8
on 19 May 2008, reviewed by: rick4ca


The best movie database at any price!

A powerful and reliable relational database of movies and the people associated with them.

Well designed and feature rich. Imported my existing collection with ease. Unattended, downloaded all the IMDb information I wanted.

Interface is well thought-out with an easy-to-read presentation, using collapsible fields and good image management. Extensive filtering, grouping, and sorting capability.

Excellent filmography, awards and TV series management. Highly configurable. Expandable with import and export plug-ins. Well supported via an active discussion board, where the developer is very responsive to users.

...And it's FREE!


Personal Video Database 0.9.8
on 13 May 2008, reviewed by: Phoenix76


In my opinion after trying many Movie collection organizer programs, I found Personal Video Database to be the best as far as i am concern.

It offers what i and most of us end users ever want or need from such of a program without bloat or acting as a spreadsheet or a database program. It is easy to use and elegant as far as a Windows platform program goes.

Much kudos to the author for creating a wonderful program for free.

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