Panasonic DV Codec

Updated: 8 Apr 2004

Play and import DV video with any tool. The Panasonic VFW DV codec works perfect with Virtualdub.
How to install Panasonic VFW DV codec :

- Uncompress the files from archive, right-click on the PANADV.INF file and select Install.
- You may encounter a prompt saying: "The software you are installing for this hardware... has not passed Windows Logo testing..."; click on the Continue Anyway button.
- You should now be able to load DV-AVI Type-2 files with VirtualDub (and any other program that loads AVI files).


Panasonic DV Codec
on 09 December 2011, reviewed by: saw


What a big this...just remove DV extension and add 'avi' as a new extension. works fine for me...


Panasonic DV Codec
on 03 November 2009, reviewed by: MaxB


This version of codec cannot be installed on Windows 7 (I don't know about Vista - maybe even there), because it doesn't have installer - Windows 7 requires that you right-click an .exe file and then choose Run as administrator, and you can't do that with .inf ... read more


Panasonic DV Codec
on 19 May 2008, reviewed by: Pete


This codec works fine, however it causes Windows Media player, Vegas, etc. to fail on certain files (non standard files, like video from digital still cameras) because it thinks it can play them, but in fact can't. V-dub will give an error message on loading ... read more


MainConcept DV Codec: is widely recognized as offering the best quality and rendering speed.

Cedocida DV Codec: is an open source Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec.

Adaptec DVSoft codec: is an interesting codec offered by Adaptec for encoding and decoding video in the DV format.

Canopus DV Codec: will allow machines without DV Rex M1, DV Raptor, or RexFX cards to play Canopus DV CODEC AVI files.

Pinnacle DV25 Codec: looks like any other software DV (DV25) codec using the standard "dvsd" FOURCC.

Canopus DV File Converter: a free utility which lets you convert Microsoft DV .AVI files into Canopus DV .AVI files, and vice versa. is known also as

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