PIXL Codec (Pinnacle PCTV)

Updated: 30 Aug 2004

This is apparently an alias for VIXL, a motion JPEG format that is accelerated in hardware with the Zoran chipset. You can find more information about it here.
How to install PIXL codec:

- Right-click on the pixl.inf file and select INSTALL from the popup menu. The install will take less than a minute and you are good to go.
- NOTE! in some occasions you have to restart you computer first.

• The FOURCC used by this codec seems to be PIXL, VIXL

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Dscaler MPEG Filters: helps to play MPEG2 (DVD, SVCD) in Windows Media Player or other video players.

Pinnacle DV25 Codec: looks like any other software DV (DV25) codec using the standard "dvsd" FOURCC.

Pinnacle MPEG Realtime Codec: is used by some TV/Video Cards manufactured by the Pinnacle Systems company. It solves FOURCC code PIM1.

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